The Science
Behind it All

The creation of our apps was shaped and inspired by seven converging areas of scientific discovery, each establishing one key element of what became our larger vision. These include:

Brain Changeability
Although scientists now understand the degree to which the brain is changeable, the general public does not. These exciting biological discoveries provide an important rationale for both the general hope infused throughout our training, and the specific practical strategies that can help enhance and catalyze brain changes associated with more lasting healing and recovery.
Risk Factors
Few realize how much rigorous study has gone into the many different environmental and lifestyle conditions that set people up for behavioral and emotional struggles. By guiding people to identify unique, underlying contributors to their own struggles, our apps and platforms help inform more comprehensive and personalized plans for deeper healing and recovery.
Lifestyle Interventions
Hundreds of studies have explored the impact of specific adjustments to these same lifestyle and environmental factors when it comes to finding greater healing and recovery. The scope of these findings provides extensive scientific backing to the hopeful education provided in the Lift, Turn, Fortify, and Climb trainings.
Hundreds of studies have explored what happens when people infuse their experiences, especially painful ones, with more space, silence, and stillness. As people learn to approach a difficult problem from a gentler, calmer place, research consistently documents how suffering decreases, and healing grows. That’s why we provide instruction and mindful practices unique to these issues.
Behavior Change
Over the last three decades, a great deal of scientific research has explored key mechanisms of legitimate and lasting behavioral change. We’ve paid careful attention to these discoveries in creating both our technological infrastructure, and the specific content and strategies within our online platforms and mobile apps.
Gaming research got us interested in leveraging gamification as an added stimulus to people’s ongoing healing journeys. On a variety of levels, we continue to find ways this lighter-hearted, playful approach can help shift individuals out of a “fight or flight” mentality—into a more resilient place where deeper learning and growth can take place.
Digital Health & Education
Technological developments that allow remote education, and long-distance support for people facing health challenges have influenced the design and technical decisions in our platforms and apps—including in designing tech to help facilitate more dynamic support between those hurting and the ones they love and trust.

Have any more specific questions about our science?

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Impact Suite. If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us.
How does it work?
Once an organization decides to offer premium access to any of the Impact Suite wellness tools: Lift, Turn, Fortify, and Climb), to their employees or members, all an individual has to do is enter the provided access code upon signing-up. That’s it.
Is there a way to talk to someone directly when needed?
Yes, in addition to our digital wellness tools, we offer a coaching service that people can access throughout the week. Individuals can speak with one of our certified wellness coaches over the phone, or send a direct message through our chat portal.
Does this health benefit extend to family members?
Yes, it does. Any family member of an employee of a participating organization can access any of the Impact Suite digital wellness tools and the coaching service at no additional cost.
Can these digital wellness tools apply for youth?
All of the apps have been developed with a broad audience in mind, ensuring that the educational content has relevance across different age groups. In the case of Fortify, there is a separate teen platform entirely. In Lift, Turn, and Climb, the community provides cross-generational support.
Is personal information and data protected?
Absolutely! Securing the confidentiality of personal data is an extremely high priority for our team and we adhere to all best practices used across major technology websites to protect personal data, including being HIPPA compliant.
Can individuals access these tools anonymously?
Yes. In order to encourage employees or members of an organization to access all the help they need, we ensure that no personally-identifying information is ever shared with account supervisors and employers.